Certified Organic Cosmetics meet modern biotechnology

Innovative natural cosmetics modeled on our skin

For nature by Nature

DermaMimetic® - the bionic care of the skin according to the latest scientific findings


Natural cosmetics like a copy of our skin

The technological innovation:

Cosmetics, like a copy of the skin

Our COSMOS certified organic cosmetics from Switzerland combine the latest bionic findings with certified organic cosmetics. The result is oneinnovative organic cosmeticsat the highest technological level with an immediately noticeable effect:

+ Velvety soft skin immediately after application.

+ Natural protection that keeps the skin optimal in its functions over the long term

Swiss Bionic Cosmetic is bionic natural cosmeticsso fine that it immediately connects to the skin.The deep-acting emulsions form a breathable protective shield and stimulate the skin\'s regenerative power with the help of the embedded, anti-oxidative extracts.

Swiss Bionic Cosmetics

What sets us apart

The DermaMimetic® emulsion has a lamellar structure similar to that of human skin. In this way, the valuable, plant-based ingredients of our organically certified natural cosmetics can be optimally absorbed by the skin.

One of the most important herbal active ingredients in our certified
Natural cosmetics is theEdelweiss extract. Edelweiss is known to counteract the negative effects of free radicals. It can also prevent the breakdown of hyaluronic acid in the skin. It is also famous for its positive effects in anti-aging cosmeticshorsetail, another part of our products. Its extract has a high
Silicon content, which has a positive effect on the skin\'s collagen production.

Another central active ingredient in our natural cosmetics isPentavitin. It is the natural cosmetic counterpart to D-panthenol. Continue to protect in our cosmeticsDown butter and highly purified lechitinthe skin barrier and ensure suppleness.Bioconform Hyaluronand theJuice of aloe veraWe use organically grown products as naturally active moisturizers. crystal clearGlacier water from the foot of the Glarner Alps completes the special recipes.

Our products are real natural cosmetics. They are lovingly developed and made from natural ingredients. As far as possible, these ingredients come from controlled organic cultivation. On synthetic fragrances and
We refrain from using dyes as a matter of principle.

Our bionic natural cosmetics are vegan, not tested on animals and very suitable for allergy sufferers.

Natural and pure:

Certified natural cosmetics from Swiss Bionic Cosmetic

Our development of an emulsion with a lamellar matrix structure represents a groundbreaking innovation in both natural and medical cosmetics
skin care. With this technology, as a Swiss cosmetics manufacturer, we can produce natural cosmetics without emulsifiers and preservatives and meet the strict requirements of the COSMOS standard for certified natural and organic cosmetics. Swiss Bionic natural cosmetics proudly wear the Cosmetics natural cosmetics bear the COSMOS Organic seal, one of the most important seals.