Bionic natural cosmetics - the intersection of certified organic cosmetics and the latest biotechnology

The term bionics is composed of "BIO", based on the Greek word "bios", which stands for "life". The word ending "NIK" symbolizes the connection to technology. If one speaks of BIONIK, it is about the reproduction of nature through technology or science.

In bionic cosmetics, skin care is developed based on the skin\'s texture. Bionic cosmetics are also known as biomimetics.

Based on the bionic principle, we develop deep-acting and highly effective organic cosmetics. Together with scientists from Germany and Switzerland we are continuously working on new research projects. Our cooperation partners include numerous universities, such as the University of Hamburg.

One result of this research work is our patent-pending emulsion DermaMimetic®.


Why is the biomimetic approach of DermaMimetic® a milestone in natural skin care?

The DermaMimetic® - base emulsion is the heart of our bionic, certified natural cosmetics. DermaMimetic® can be translated as "the copy of the skin". The model for our type of emulsion is the human skin lipid, the structure of which is imitated by the emulsion. We have developed the DermaMimetic® process to produce this innovative emulsion. Thanks to this process, we can now produce a very fine lotion that does not require any emulsifiers. This lotion is so similar to skin fat that it can combine with it immediately. Active ingredients can thus be optimally absorbed by the skin.


Why our skin benefits from bionic natural cosmetics

Our skin naturally has a lamellar structure, which protects them from damaging environmental influences. At the same time, however, this protective structure allows moisture to be absorbed. The lamellar structure of thethe skin\'s own lipids acts like a protective membrane. As Swiss biotechnologists, our focus is therefore on developing skin care products that replicate this lamellar structure of skin fat. Our natural cosmetics should do not have the droplet-like structure typical of most creams. 

TheThe result of our many years of research work is the particularly fine emulsion with a lamellar matrix structure that does not require any emulsifiers: DermaMimetic®. For their production, highly purified lecithin is used, which, thanks to our technology, becomes the link between the oil- and water-soluble components of the emulsion.The cavitation forces are at the center of DermaMimetic® research.With their help, so much energy is worked into the emulsions that the highly purified lecithin forms in a bipolar manner and the emulsion forms a lamellar matrix structure. For the ultra-fine and even distribution of the incorporated raw materials ensure micro-turbulence. In the last processing step, crystallization, the lamellar matrix structure is consolidated. Plant-based active ingredients such as edelweiss, aloe vera or algae extracts are firmly integrated into the structure, so to speak "encapsulated". In this way, the care substances as well as our high-quality plant-based active ingredients can be optimally absorbed by the skin. They work where they are needed.


Innovative formulation development of bionic cosmetics with CBD oils


CBD in a wide variety of forms is known for its positive properties in skin care.

Integrated into our lamellar emulsion structure, the CBD can optimally unfold its diverse effects.

We are currently developing bionic formulations based on DermaMimetic® with cold-pressed CBD oils and synthetic CBD. Our latest projects also include water-based CBD products.

Cold-pressed CBD oils of medical quality are used. Only these contain the full spectrum of terpenes and flavonoids. High bio-availability is guaranteed. The THC content is less than 2 percent.

Bionic cosmetics from the Swiss contract manufacturer

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