About us

We, SBC Cosmetic AG, are convinced that a significant improvement in the effectiveness and tolerability of cosmetic and medical creams can best be achieved via a lamellar structure of the care emulsion, which corresponds to the structure of human skin fat.

After many years of interdisciplinary research and with the help of the latest technologies, we are now able to produce unique derma products with a special structure and effectiveness. The DermaMimeticTM process, for which we have applied for a patent, sets new standards in the natural cosmetics industry.


Who we are and what we offer

Swiss Bionic Cosmetics was founded in Switzerland in July 2017. We are now also based in Germany. Our focus is on the contract manufacturing of natural cosmetics and bionic organic cosmetics. In addition to our extensive service as a contract manufacturer in the B2B sector, we, Swiss Bionic Cosmetics, have launched our own COSMOS Organic certified organic cosmetics. Our anti-aging organic cosmetics are based on the DermaMimetik ® emulsion in combination with valuable herbal ingredients.


Natural cosmetics Recipe development at SBC Cosmetic AG: as flexible and unique as each customer

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DermaMimentik® emulsion as whitel label

Our patent-pending DermaMimentik® emulsion with its innovative, lamellar matrix structure is also available as a Whitel Label. It significantly increases the skin\'s ability to absorb the active ingredients contained in your formula. Our emulsion can be supplemented with individually desired active ingredients, such as algae extracts, edelweiss or horsetail, low-molecular hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, antioxidant nutrients or various natural cosmetic-compliant vitamins. This means that all care solutions from highly efficient and certified anti-aging organic cosmetics to sun protection and special care for acne can be implemented.

The DermaMimetic® bionic certified natural cosmetics are currently certified organic as a basic recipe by Ecocert according to COSMOS.This means that it can be used as the basis for new cosmetics that are to be certified according to the COSMOS standard.

The emulsion also has a low allergy potential, which makes it very well tolerated by extremely sensitive skin.

Even a small amount of the respective bionic emulsion is sufficient for the optimal care effect. When using it, it is important not to apply too much out of habit. Here, less is more in the truest sense of the word.


Certified natural cosmetics in organic quality

SBC Cosmetic AG: our promise of quality - the majority of our natural cosmetic products bear the COSMOS ORGANIC seal and are certified according to the COSMOS standard by ECOCERT Greenlife.

COSMOS ORGANIC corresponds to the highest quality standard in natural cosmetics.


Sustainability and efficient use of natural resources

When developing our products, we, Swiss Bionic Cosmetics, consciously assume responsibility for people and the environment - starting with the selection of raw materials, through environmentally friendly processing to sustainable packaging. The certification according to the COSMOS standard for natural and organic cosmetics confirms the consistently high quality and our environmentally friendly work.